Monday, February 2, 2009

Young Women medallions recalled, Relief Society scrambles to acquire Virtue

A recent announcement from church headquarters sent a shock wave through the DC 2nd Ward as Relief Society sisters were required to return their Young Women medallions. The addition of a new value to the Young Women theme resulted in the medallions being stripped from millions of Young Women and Young Women alumni throughout the world.

"It's not like Virtue is all that different from Divine Nature anyways," suggested Tiffani S. "I just don't get why they're taking my necklace back."

Relief Society President Kristy D. made the announcement Sunday. Several sisters ran from the building before members of the Relief Society presidency could remove their necklaces. One sister was quickly rushed to the hospital after swallowing her medallion.

Hoping to secure a quick return of the medallions, President D. told sisters that lessons during the third hour will be dedicated to studying Virtue for the next four weeks. One of the lessons will occur during Enrichment in an effort to increase attendance.

Church headquarters has not responded to inquiries about whether sisters will be required to redo their Personal Progress projects to secure the return of their medallions.

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Tune said...

That is down right hilarious!